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~ Widow Snatched In Rome ~ LBD ~ Low backed off shoulder Midi dress made of High Grade  synthetic pile Velvet// Velour ~ stretch but darted and fitted ~ squeeze into a smaller size 4

a KK vibe ~  get a size up 4 a casual piece ~ perfect for Funerals //weddings //Sugar DDy D8$// 2 dine at an Italian Restuarant // 2 wear 2 a "Bodega//IGA" VER$itile Cla$$y 






All garments are hand made by Tash Roxx please allow 4production... this can sometimes take up 2 a year maybe 7 ,,,,,,,,,, if its a special occasion you take priority..... if someone dies 24hour turn around`



~The dress will arive when the time is Ripe~





~ NO REFUND$ ~ if you have specifications please email me i charge $66 for personal sizing....




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